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Bryant Retreat for Woman

The Bryant Retreat is for women feeling worn out, run down or exhausted and who simply need some time out for complete rest and relaxation. There are no wellbeing therapies or services offered – just good old-fashioned aroha (care) and nutritious kai (food) in a relaxing and peaceful sea-side environment.

The Retreat is not a health or disability service and cannot provide medical or mental health treatment or support. Guests must be medically and mentally well enough to take care of their own day to day needs. The retreat is not suitable for women who:

  • have mental health issues that are not controlled/stable and need mental health management or supervision
  • are dependent/withdrawing from drugs, alcohol, or other substances
  • need wheelchair access or help to move, wash, toilet, dress or eat
  • have bandages/dressings that must be professionally applied or need help to use medical equipment or take medication
  • have difficulty relating to others and/or are uncooperative/unpredictable
  • have specific food allergies - we can only cater for diabetic, vegetarian, dairy/gluten intolerant diets (not coeliac disease)


Please fill out the form below or download the PDF.

GP details and applicant consent

This form must be completed by a GP with the applicant's input and consent. The applicant and/or GP will hear back on the outcome within approximately three weeks, and it can take up to 12 weeks for a place at the Retreat to become available. Please discuss this up-front to avoid worry or disappointment.

Applicant details

Emergency contact details

Please briefly describe your relationship to the emergency contact

Referral details

If yes, please list ALL CURRENT medications the applicant takes and what they are for
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