The DV Bryant Trust offers funding for community group projects in the Waikato region that make life
better for people who have been disadvantaged by personal or social circumstances.

The Trust's current strategic focus is 'Strengthening communities in the Waikato through:

  • supporting children and youth,
  • innovative education initiatives and
  • projects addressing inequality'.


2022 funding rounds closing dates:

  1.   28 January

  2.   18 March

  3.   20 May

  4.   22 July

  5.   23 September

  6.   11 November


Online grant applications

To help you prepare and submit your online application, please refer to our 'making an online grant application' guidelines which outlines the following:

  1. PREPARATION - documents and information required before you start; and 

  2. ONLINE APPLICATION FIELDS - The three-step online application process with associated information fields.

If you experience any difficulties submitting an online grant application, please contact us ~ Hannah Doughty, Trust Services Coordinator - P. 838-0522 ext 800  E.


Who can apply?

New and existing groups operating within the Waikato region [Trust's region map].

If you don't have a charities, society or company registration number, please contact us to discuss your application - (07) 838 0522 ext 800.

What kind of projects receive grants?

  • Projects aligning with the Trust's current strategic focus.
  • Groups providing social services and/or community development that clearly benefits the wider community.
  • Projects benefiting those who are disadvantaged by personal or social circumstances.

What kind of projects don't you fund?

  • Projects from or benefiting an individual.
  • Projects outside the Waikato region.
  • Overseas projects/travel.
  • Sporting or artistic projects aren't generally supported, unless they can demonstrate they are clearly addressing personal or social disadvantage. 
  • Education facilities/capex projects.

How often can a group apply?

Once in a twelve-month time frame, regardless of whether you received funding in your last application.

What documentation will we need to submit?

  • Funding proposal and any supporting information.
  • Project or current year budget.
  • Recent annual financial accounts, reviewed or audited as appropriate to your organisation.
  • Bank deposit slip / recent bank statement / bank verification document.

What should we include in our proposal/application?

  • Organisational information - history, aim/objectives, philosophy, membership size.
  • Project information - Outline the overall plan and objectives of your project and how it aligns with the Trust's focus, wider community benefit(s), particularly relating to people who are disadvantaged by personal or social circumstances.
  • Funding - Amount requested and what the funds will specifically be used for, total project cost, other funding/long term funding (if ongoing project).

How much money does the Trust give out?

Since it began giving grants regularly in 1965, the Trust has donated more than $13.6 million to nearly 500 local and national organisations.

The Trust's current average grant is $6,000 - $7,000.

The Trust's annual grants budget for the 2019/2020 year is $1million.

How long before we hear from the Trust and receive approved grant?

The Trust Board meets six times per year, usually in the first week of February, April, June, August, October and December and considers applications received by the closing date in the previous month.

We will email you about the outcome, and deposit approved grant payments, within three - four weeks following the funding round closing date.

Do we have to report to the Trust on our project?

  • Up to $10,000 - There are no formal reporting requirements for grants under $10,000. However, we would love to hear from you, written or verbal, on how your project/work is progressing, the impact it is having and any learnings you're gaining.
  • $10,000 - $20,000 - There is an expectation of project feedback, as above. 
  • $20,000+ - An expectation of written or verbal round table reporting to the Chief Executive and/or the Board.   

Does the grant include GST?

Trust grants given to not-for-profit organisations qualify as unconditional gifts under NZ law.

You do not have to pay GST on the Trust grant, even if your not-for-profit organisation is GST registered.