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July 2017

Friends of the Bryant Retreat, Jenny Newby-Fraser and Sally Sleigh, came to prune our roses.

Tea cosies made by a recent guest at the Bryant Retreat for Women - lovely and colourful!


June 2017

Bryant Retreat staff held a COMMUNITY AFTERNOON TEA at the Retreat on Saturday 10th June 2017 to thank the Raglan community for its ongoing support.  

Staff were joined by local supporters representing the wider community, neighbours and DV Bryant Trust representatives, who enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea and gathering.

Raglan Chronicle article, Issue #548 of 15 June 2017 below.


Pictured Below - Retreat guests and staff enjoying relaxing in the lounge,reading donated magazines from Bauer Media - many thanks to Bauer Media.  


April 2017

A beautiful water colour painting kindly gifted to the Retreat by a recent Retreat guest.

This painting features the gardens and entrance to the Bryant Retreat, with our wonderful gardener Wendi working away in the garden (on the right).


Retreat guests, June and Ella (L-R) enjoyed their time at the Retreat, including some fun time to dye their hair pink!



February 2017

A sensational summer sunset at the Bryant Retreat



November 2016

Artwork - Some guests of the Retreat enjoyed attending a local art workshop, where they experienced doing encaustic wax art.









October 2016

Delicious Desserts! Retreat guests enjoyed AFFOGATOS (bottom left) and other scrumptious spring desserts, compliments of our wonderful cook, Ali.





Spring is in the air!  Retreat guests make the most of the spring weather and some fine days with outside activities and relaxation.  Although summer is not here yet, of course, and the quilts are still being enjoyed by guests (Iris and Sylvia). Thanks to Wendi our fantastic Retreat Gardener, the vege garden and gardens are looking wonderful and benefiting from the spring weather.


September 2016

Hamilton's Argent Motor Lodge Supports Women and Children Via Quilts



19 August 2016 - Staff Farewell

Retreat staff, past and present, trustees and Hamilton office staff, gathered at the Bryant Retreat to farewell Nella and Michelle.  A delicious lunch was shared, with thanks to the chef Alejandra, along with some wonderful speeches, entertainment and of course, a sing-a-long!

We acknowledge and thank both Nella and Michelle for their wonderful work at the Retreat, over the past ten and nine years respectively, and wish them all the very best for the future.





        Above -  L-R  Doug, Nella & Lindsay

        Left    -   Doug and Nella

        Below - Nella & her infectious smile :-)

















   Left - John Graham (Chair of Retreat Committee)

   Above - Superb entertainment from Lindsay as

          .......Sam Hunt - great poetry Sam!


August 2016

Quilter pieces together connections in gift to the Bryant Retreat

On Tuesday 16th August, Marion Manning presented twelve quilts to the Bryant Retreat, at a morning tea with staff and trustees.  Marion kindly made six single bed quits and six lap quilts for the lounge.  

Marion was born in Hamilton, growing up in Te Awamutu, before returning to Hamilton for her High School years.  She trained as a Milliner at Betty White Millinery in the P&M Plaza in Hamilton in the early 1970's and she hasn't stopped since.  Her quest to make twelve quilts began in February when she visited Raglan, on a journey tracing her roots, having developed an interest in genealogy after recently retiring.  

  • Marion's Great Aunt Dot, Dorothy Smith, was Matron of the Bryant Convalescent Home in Raglan in the early 1930's
  • Aunt Dot's parents lived near to and were friends with Dan Bryant
  • Aunt Dot's brother, Charles, was a carpenter who was employed by the Bryant trustees as a builder, and Charle's son, Gillies, was taken under Dan's wing as a farmer
  • Marion's aunty had spent time at the Bryant Home as a young girl, recuperating after an illness

Marion has now left her own legacy at the Bryant Retreat.

Our grateful thanks to Marion for the wonderfully generous gift of these colourful quilts that adorn the Bryant Retreat for all to enjoy.


          L-R   Robyn and Marion with quilts


                      Quilts made by Marion






                            Bed Quilt


       L-R  Jenny, Robyn, Marion and Nella


     Chief Executive - Lindsay Cumberpatch



        John Graham, Marion & Lindsay

              Quits Presentation


April 2016 - Staff Farewell

The Retreat staff, including some previous staff, gathered to farewell Shona and Janet.

We thank Shona and Janet for their wonderful work at the Retreat and wish them all the very best for the future.




Summer '15-'16 at the Retreat 


              Robyn Riddle (Manager)

         - cooking on the new Weber BBQ


         A leisurely bike ride on a summers day



         A place to relax on the patio

   - new umbrellas and patio seat covers



         A delightful summer meal at the Retreat



              Kayaking in the harbour







Monday 21st September 2015



On Monday 21st September, we officially welcomed Robyn Riddle to the Bryant Retreat for Women in Raglan as the new Manager:


Robyn is pictured here (on left) with Barbara Brown, who retired in August 2015 after nearly 20 years with the Trust. 







28th January 2014

On Friday we said farewell to Lesley Stephenson, Lesley has been with the Bryant Retreat for Women for 5 and a half  years.  From everyone at the Trust Lesley we want to say thank you for all your hard work, you will be missed and we wish you well and all the very best for your next adventure.

With the departure of Lesley we warmly welcome a new member of staff – Lenore Laird.

The retreat has a new look – a brand new roof which has given the house a different colour and new face.  Also with a new irrigation system now in place the gardens are blooming and looking great, the perfect time to sit in the sun to relax, admire the beautiful surroundings or read a good book.