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Vic Arcus - Chairman

Vic was appointed Chairman of the DV Bryant Trust in February 2016 and has been a Trustee since 2006.

Vic is a Professor in Biology at the University of Waikato and in 2016 was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  He leads a group of researchers looking at the molecular biology of tuberculosis.  Tuberculosis has been described by the World Health Organisation as a global epidemic.  It kills more people every year (~3 million) than any other single infectious disease.  New Zealand has relatively low incidence rates of tuberculosis but vigilance is still required even here.  

Vic did his undergraduate science degree at the University of Waikato and then flew off to Cambridge UK to do a PhD in molecular biology.  He then spent eight years at Auckland University before returning "home" to Hamilton.  He joined the DV Bryant Trust Board in 2006.  

Vic likes music and football (soccer).  He likes to swim, bike and run.  Up until recently, he and his wife Fiona, undertook these activities with their two kids, Leon and Grace. Unfortunately for Fiona and Vic, the kids have got faster and they have got slower.