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Commercial Properties

The roots of the DV Bryant Trust are clearly rural and agricultural with the Bryant House and Mary Bryant Home Trusts funding their respective work through various farming and livestock dealing operations.

After Dan Bryant’s death in 1962, the Trust decided to shift its investments from farming to urban commercial buildings. This change in investment strategy is illustrated in the stained glass window in the atrium of Vero House. 

In 1963 the Trust purchased land on the corner of Alexandra and Collingwood Streets to house Findlay’s Bakery.  The following year it purchased adjacent land in Collingwood Street and constructed a building for Motor Specialties Limited (later Winger Motors).

In October 1964 the two-storey Trust building on the corner of Collingwood and Alexandra Steets (later named Vickery House) was opened with space for nine retail outlets and 9,000 square feet of office space upstairs.  

Other buildings were bought and sold and then in 1987 the Trust built a new seven-storey building at 127 Alexandra Street, subsequently named Vero House.  The Trust’s offices and boardroom are on the 6th floor of this building.  Though the building is 25 years old, it is one of the few commercial buildings in Hamilton to be 100% of New Building Standard! 

In 2011 the Trust embarked on an ambitious plan to progressively refurbish all of the floors of the building.  In October 2012 the Trust’s architects Edwards White Limited were awarded the interior design prize at the Waikato/Bay of Plenty regional awards of the NZ Institute of Architects, for their refurbishment of the Vero House lobby and ground floor. 

It is the commercial property portfolio, along with the Trust’s other financial investments that provide the income for the DV Bryant Trust’s grantmaking and service provision.

Space is currently available to rent at 127 Alexandra Street, if you would like further information contact:  (07) 838 0522 or admin "at"