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Leadership of the Bryant Trusts over the years

The founding Chairman of the DV Bryant Trust was retired bank manager Jack Marnane.  Jack was Chairman from 1960–1968 and continued to serve on the Trust until 1975.

Don Arcus, Dan Bryant’s son in law and the Board’s first Solicitor was Chairman for more than two decades until 1989, finally retiring from the Board in 1994.

He was succeeded by Vic Bryant, a grandson of the founder and a farmer from Te Kuiti.  Vic had joined the Board in 1972 and served as Chairman for the next decade until 1999.

Since the establishment of the Trust, chartered accountant Ashley Taylor served as Executive Secretary, managing the day to day affairs of the Board.        

Ashley resigned as Executive Secretary in 1999 and served as Chairman from 1999 until 2005.

In total Ashley Taylor served the DV Bryant Trust and associated trusts faithfully and well as trustee, Executive Secretary and Chairman for over five decades. 

Doug Arcus, Vic Bryant and Ashley Taylor

C.D. (Doug) Arcus, Don’s son, Dan’s grandson and environmental law barrister, assumed the leadership of the Trust in 2005, having been on the Board since 1995.  Doug retired as Chairman in February 2016, but continues as a Trustee.

Chartered Accountant Gay Shirley served the Trust as Executive Secretary from 1999 until 2010.  Gay was also a trustee from 2001 until her retirement.  

Rev. Lindsay Cumberpatch became the Trust’s inaugural Chief Executive in 2011, having been a trustee from 2006.

Ten years after joining the Board, Vic Arcus (Doug's son and Dan's great-grandson), a Professor of Biology at the University of Waikato, succeeded Doug as Chairman of the Trust in February 2016.  This represents a shift to the fourth generation of the Bryant family to hold this position. 

Other notable leaders of Bryant Trusts over the years have included solicitor Campbell MacDiarmid who was Chairman of the original Bryant House Trust Board for all of its 42 year history; and Presbyterian minister the Reverend Duncan Cattanach who was Chairman of the Mary Bryant Trust for all of its 26 year history as well as the DV Bryant Trust’s Investigating Officer from 1964 until 1975.  

Continuity is a hallmark of the various Bryant Trusts and this is exemplified by local accountant Richard English who along with Campbell MacDiarmid and Dan Bryant served for all 42 years the Bryant House Trust Board was functioning.