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APPLYING FOR FUNDING - Dates, Guidelines & Process

The strategic focus of the DV Bryant Trust for 2018-2023 is

"Strengthening communities in the Waikato through supporting children & youth, innovative education initiatives and projects addressing inequality".



  • The Board is prepared to consider applications from GROUPS operating within the WAIKATO REGION*.  The application must come from a group and be signed by a responsible Executive member as the Trust does not consider applications from individuals.  * Note - Region includes Hamilton, Thames/Coromandel, Hauraki, Matamata-Piako, South Waikato, Waipa, Waitomo, Otorohanga & Ruapehu.
  • The Trust will normally consider only ONE application from a group within a TWELVE-MONTH time frame.  If a group considers that it desires finance for more than one project, the group must apply prioritising the projects for which financial assistance is sought.  
  • Grant Applications from Schools - In focusing on children, youth and innovative education initiatives, we mean community-based education that may include community organisations going into schools to deliver specific programmes, for example the Life Education Trust.  Unfortunately our present grants budget does not allow us to support school projects such as capital projects.  If you are unsure as to whether your particular project would be suitable, please feel free to contact us to discuss.
  • Excluded activities include overseas projects and travel, sports and arts.  


Funding applications are presented to the Board of Trustees at the bi-monthly meetings, enabling applications to be considered within a reasonably short time frame.  The closing dates for applications for the 2019 year are as follows:

  1. Friday 25th January
  2. Friday 15th March
  3. Friday 17th May
  4. Friday 12th July
  5. Friday 13th September
  6. Friday 15th November 

The Trust does not currently have a standard, comprehensive application form, believing that applicants can best express their particular needs in their own way.  

However we now have an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY page for your completion to include with your Grant application.

Download our Executive Summary form to include with your Grant Application here - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FORM.

Applicants will receive correspondence acknowledging receipt of their application and advising if any further detail or documentation is required.
  • Meetings are normally held the first Thursday of the month following the grant application closing dates. 
  • Applications of up to $20,000 are considered at the Stockmans Comittee (small grants) meeting.
  • Applications over $20,000 i.e. $20,001 and above, are considered by the Trust Board meeting. 
  • Please note, the average successful grant is currently around $7,000.
Notification of the grant application decision, and grant payments for successful applicants, should be received approximately three weeks after the closing date.  


No formal accountability documentation has been required by the Board.

However, feedback (either written or verbal) from successful applicants regarding how the funds were spent and how this impacted the organisation and/or community, is very valuable and appreciated by Trustees and staff.  


View the 'Request for Welfare Assistance Guidelines'

Alternatively you can contact us if you would like a copy - 07-838-0522 ext 800 or admin "at"