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MAKING A FUNDING APPLICATION - Information & Documents


The strategic focus of the DV Bryant Trust for 2010-2019 is CHILDREN, YOUTH & EDUCATION.

Please View the 'Request for Welfare Assistance Guidelines' page for further information.



The Trust does not currently have a standard, comprehensive application form, believing that applicants can best express their particular needs in their own way.  

However we now have an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY page for your completion to include with your Grant application.

Download our Executive Summary form to include with your Grant Application here - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FORM.

Submit your Grant Application Proposal and completed Executive Summary page to:

      Level 3, 127 Alexandra Street, Hamilton   |   PO Box 19318, Hamilton 3244   |   admin "at"



Applicants should prepare a proposal including the following:


Details of the name and aim of the organisation, size of your membership and a brief statement about your objectives, history and philosophy.

Project Description

Outline your overall plan and objectives.


As mentioned earlier, the Board is interested primarily in areas of human welfare, particularly relating to people who are disadvantaged by personal or social circumstances. Your project must benefit the wider community as well.

Detailed Budget

Details of costing and planned programme are required. Specify clearly the amount that you are asking the Board to consider providing and the exact purpose for which funding would be used.

Other Funding

Please supply details of all other funding applied for, together with specific funds already received.

Future Plans

If the project is ongoing, what plans have you for long term funding?

Contact Details

Provide the names of those responsible for your activities, postal address, daytime contact phone number(s) and email addresses.

Financial Statement

Please supply a current year budget for your organisation, together with a copy of your most recent Annual Accounts, preferably audited.


If you haven’t applied to the DV Bryant Trust previously, please attach any letters of support you may have and provide the name and contact details of two people prepared to act as Referees for your request/organisation. 

Note - These can be sister organisations, clients, community leaders and professional services.

Bank Account

All grants accepted are paid via internet banking.  Please provide the bank account details of your organisation by way of a bank deposit slip, or a copy of a recent Bank Statement showing the account name and number.


The application needs to be signed by an authorised executive member of your organisation.

View the 'Request for Welfare Assistance Guidelines'

If you seek further advice or assistance, please contact our office - 07-838-0522 ext 800 or admin "at"