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Accessing the Women’s Retreat

  • Women from the Waikato district (area includes Thames/Coromandel, Hauraki, Matamata-Piako, South Waikato, Waipa, Waitomo, Taumarunui & Taupo districts) can speak to their GP about their suitability for referral to the Retreat.  GPs have access to our standard referral form and referral guidelines, which is also available on our website (see links below).  All referral forms must be completed and submitted by a GP, signed by both GP and patient, and returned to the Trust.  Please note, the current wait period is approximately two-four weeks.
  • On receipt of a referral, an acknowledgment letter is sent to the patient/intending guest and the referring GP to confirm receipt of the referral and advise of the assessment and allocation process, including the current waiting period.


  • The Retreat caters for women between the ages of 25 and 70 years old who are in need of rest and relaxation.  Applications from women under 25 or over 70 will be considered on a case by case basis.


  • Guests need to be able to function independently i.e. get in and out of the shower or bath unassisted and self-medicate.  There is no wheelchair access and the Retreat is unable to accommodate people who have a dependence on drugs, alcohol or other substances.


  • Guests with a mental illness should be stable, controlled and able to function well within a group setting.  In the interests of everyone’s safety, we cannot accept guests who might present a significant risk to themselves or anyone else.


  • Because the Retreat is not a health service provider, there is no registered nurse onsite.  Guests can access (at their own expense) the local medical centres if required.


Referrals are then considered by our Retreat staff and Consultant/Psychologist.  If a referral is accepted the guest is offered a place on the nearest available intake.  Waiting times generally vary between three weeks to three months.  However, cancellations do come up from time to time.

Any questions about the Retreat or suitability of guests should be made to the Retreat Manager, Jenny Smith, on (07) 825 8350 or email retreat "at"