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Our Support

The DV Bryant Trust meets every alternate month and so we effectively have six grant rounds per year.

Applications need to be in to the Trust Office by the specified mid-month closing dates in January, March, May, July, September or November to be considered at Trust Board meetings generally held in the first week of the even months of the year.

What it will fund

  • The Board is prepared to consider applications from bona fide groups operating within the Waikato region.
  • It will consider any operational or capital project that seeks to “enhance human welfare”, especially for those disadvantaged by personal or social circumstance.
  • Priority is given to grants for projects relating to the Trust’s current focus areas of:
    • children and youth
    • innovative education initiatives
    • addressing inequality.

What it will not fund

  • The Board will not consider applications from individuals; for overseas projects or travel; and traditionally has not supported sporting or art projects.
  • The Trust doesn’t tend to fund more than one application for the same project within a twelve month time frame.

Since it began giving grants regularly 1965, the Trust has donated more than $13.6 million to nearly 500 local and national organisations.